Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia

Guests: Brian "The Blue Meanie" Heffron, Seth Herzog, Doogie Horner and "Mark Wahlberg"

Doug Loves Musicals Edit

Song Titles

  1. Where you are
  2. We know the way
  3. You're Welcome


The Blue Meanie is the winner

Who's Tagline is it Anyway Edit

"Adventure begins with a Z" - The Legend of Zorro (No one was correct)

"Human. Nature." - The Legend of Tarzan (No one was correct)

"Every man has a destiny" - The Legend of Hercules (No one was correct)

"Some things can't be learned, they must be remembered" - The Legend of Bagger Vance (Doogie Horner guessed correctly)

Doogie Horner is the winner

Ron Bennington's Adjusted for Inflation Game Edit

Dev Patel Bruce Willis Joaquin Phoenix Adrien Brody Points
Meanie NO GUESS The Sixth Sense The Village Summer of Sam 3
Seth Slumdog Millionaire Die Hard Walk the Line Surviving the Game 3
Doogie The Monument's Men Armageddon Signs The Pianist 5
Mark Life of Pi Die Hard with a Vengence Gladiator The Village 4
1st Place Movie Slumdog Millionaire The Sixth Sense Signs King Kong
2nd Place Movie The Last Airbender Armageddon Gladiator The Village
3rd Place Movie Lion Look Who's Talking Parenthood Angels in the Outfield

Doogie Horner is the winner

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