Doug only saw one movie since the last Mini but he also shares the audio from a game with audience members in Tacoma, WA.

Last Man StantonEdit

Actor/Director: Brad Pitt

1. Fight Club
2. Thelma & Louise
3. World War Z
4. A River Runs Through It
5. Se7en
6. Ocean’s Eleven
7. Troy
8. Snatch.
9. True Romance
10. Ocean’s Twelve
11. Inglourious Basterds
12. Ocean’s Thirteen
13. Fury
14. Burn After Reading
15. Twelve Monkeys
16. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
17. Babel
18. The Mexican
19. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
20. Killing Them Softly
21. Megamind
22. Meet Joe Black
23. Spy Game
24. Seven Years in Tibet
25. Interview With the Vampire
26. Johnny Suede
27. Moneyball
28. Cool World
29. Kalifornia

Doug Benson is declared the Last Man Stanton.

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