The 3rd Annual 12 Guests of Xmas ep features Scott Aukerman, Graham Elwood, Chris Hardwick and 12 other surprise guests. Yes, Doug invited too many of his friends to 12 Guests of Xmas. Enjoy all three hours of it…

Round Category Player Names Challenger Answer Person Eliminated
1 Paranormal Nativity Riki Lindhome 3 Chelsea Peretti A Christmas Carol Chelsea Peretti
2 The Iceman Cometh Chris Hardwick 8 Samm Levine Wonderland Chris Hardwick
3 We Three Kings Brian Posehn 7 Riki Lindhome The Perfect Storm Brian Posehn
4 This Is a 40 Mike Phirman 5 Samm Levine Old Gringo Mike Phirman
5 Hairy Maguire Samm Levine -2 Kate Micucci Magnolia Samm Levine
6 In Theaters Now Brie Larson 4 Kevin Pollak Rise of the Guardians Brie Larson
7 Spielberg Movies Kate Micucci 3 Jimmy Pardo Catch Me If You Can Kate Micucci
8 Eat Pray Gov Sarah Silverman 4 Jimmy Pardo Jingle All the Way Sarah Silverman
9 New Dad Josh Malina 7 Scott Aukerman The Passion of the Christ Josh Malina
10 Holly Jolie Kevin Pollak 4 Scott Aukerman Jesus’s Son Kevin Pollak
11 Stocking Stuffers Jimmy Pardo 6 Scott Aukerman What Women Want Jimmy Pardo
12 Piece on Earth Scott Aukerman -1 Riki Lindhome Goodfellas Scott Aukerman
13 Tinseltown Paul F. Tompkins 6 Riki Lindhome Escape From L.A. Paul F. Tompkins
14 AsparagusP Graham Elwood -2 Riki Lindhome Lethal Weapon Riki Lindhome
Place Player Movies Named
1 Graham Elwood 1
2 Riki Lindhome 1
3 Paul F. Tompkins 0
4 Scott Aukerman 0
5 Jimmy Pardo 0
6 Kevin Pollak 0
7 Josh Malina 0
8 Sarah Silverman 0
9 Kate Micucci 0
10 Brie Larson 0
11 Samm Levine 0
12 Mike Phirman 0
13 Brian Posehn 0
14 Chris Hardwick 0
15 Chelsea Peretti 0

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