Live from the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN, Doug welcomes Brendon Walsh, Chad Daniels and DC Pierson to the show.

How Much Did This Shit Make?Edit

Movie: Graffiti Bridge

DC Pierson guesses $5 million.

Brendon Walsh guesses $4.8 million.

Chad Daniels guesses $1.

The correct answer is $4.5 million.

Chad Daniels is declared the winner.

The Leonard Maltin GameEdit

Round Category Player Names Challenger Answer Point to
1 Rufi-No Brendon Walsh 6 DC Pierson World's Greatest Dad DC Pierson
2 North Dallas 40 Brendon Walsh -1 Chad Daniels Menace II Society Chad Daniels
3 Golden Showers Playbook Chad Daniels 7 Brendon Walsh Pleasantville Brendon Walsh
4 AsparagusP Brendon Walsh -3 Chad Daniels Inception Chad Daniels
Player Points Movies Named
Chad Daniels 2 0
Brendon Walsh 1 0
DC Pierson 1 0