The 12 Guests of Xmas is here! The fourth annual event features previous champ Graham Elwood, but first year's winner Scott Aukerman is in the hunt as well, along with more of your favorite players!

Round Category Player Names Challenger Answer Person Eliminated
1 Eugene Levy Kate Micucci 4 Josh Malina Goon Kate Micucci
2 Snow Day Scott Aukerman -1 Kevin Pollak After Hours Kevin Pollak
3 Baby, It's Cold Outside Samm Levine -1 Mike Phirman Willow Mike Phirman
4 White Christmas Scott Aukerman -2 Alison Haislip The Sound of Music Alison Haislip
5 Films of Bill Paxton Sean Sakimae -1 Jon Hamm Titanic Jon Hamm
6 Bad Santa Rich Sommer -1 Samm Levine How the Grinch Stole Christmas Samm Levine
7 Jingle Bell Rock Chris Hardwick -2 Josh Malina Lethal Weapon Josh Malina
8 Batman Smells Scott Aukerman -1 Sean Sakimae Swing Kids Scott Aukerman
9 Gold, Frankincense and Myrrhder Rich Sommer -2 Chris Hardwick Die Hard Chris Hardwick
10 Do They Know It's Christmas? Greg Proops 4 Sean Sakimae Coma Greg Proops
11 Bipolar Express Rich Sommer 5 Graham Elwood It's Kind of a Funny Story Rich Sommer
12 Golden Showers P-book Sean Sakimae 6 Graham Elwood Pocahontas Graham Elwood
Place Player Movies Named
1 Sean Sakimae 2
2 Graham Elwood 0
3 Rich Sommer 2
4 Greg Proops 0
5 Chris Hardwick 1
6 Scott Aukerman 2
7 Josh Malina 0
8 Samm Levine 1
9 Jon Hamm 0
10 Alison Haislip 0
11 Mike Phirman 0
12 Kevin Pollak 0
13 Kate Micucci 0