Live from the Gramercy Theater, Doug kicks off the New York edition of the 12 Guests of Christmas competition with John Hodgman, Bonnie McFarlane and 11 other guests.

The Leonard Maltin GameEdit

Round Category Player Names Challenger Answer Person Eliminated
1 The Skeleton Twins John Hodgman 10 Greg Wyshynski New York Minute John Hodgman
2 Tickle Me Elmore Trey Galyon 13 Carmen Lynch Be Cool Trey Galyon
3 LOL Cool J Ted Alexandro 4 Dan Schechter Woo Ted Alexandro
4 The Films of Sarah Silverman Doogie Horner 2 Seth Herzog Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic Doogie Horner
5 Voight or Wilson Greg Wyshynski 6 Carmen Lynch Castaway Carmen Lynch
6 Aidan Quinntessential Kris Tinkle 10 Jesse Pasternack Benny & Joon Jesse Pasternack
7 The Films of Woody Allen Dan Schechter 3 Ben Bailey Manhattan Murder Mystery Dan Schechter
8 The Films of Bette Midler Ben Bailey 3 Rob Cantrell Beaches Ben Bailey
9 Ethan Hawke Down Greg Wyshynski 0 Seth Herzog Hamlet Greg Wyshynski
10 Paper Kris Tinkle 8 Rob Cantrell Doom Kris Tinkle
11 Do You Wanna Do Some Snow, Man? Seth Herzog 4 Bonnie McFarlane Scarface Bonnie McFarlane
12 AsparagusP Seth Herzog -3 Rob Cantrell Horrible Bosses Seth Herzog
Place Player Movies Named
1 Rob Cantrell 0
2 Seth Herzog 1
3 Bonnie McFarlane 0
4 Kris Tinkle 1
5 Greg Wyshynski 1
6 Ben Bailey 0
7 Dan Schechter 0
8 Jesse Pasternack 0
9 Carmen Lynch 0
10 Doogie Horner 0
11 Ted Alexandro 0
12 Trey Galyon 0
13 John Hodgman 0

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