The 5th annual 12 Guests of Christmas: West Coast Edition with Scott Aukerman, Jon Hamm and 11 other guests - yes, 13 guests!

The Pete Holmes GameEdit

Graham Elwood is declared the winner.

The Leonard Maltin GameEdit

Round Category Player Names Challenger Answer Eliminated
1 Paper Samm Levine -1 Graham Elwood Reno 911! Miami Graham Elwood
2 Do You Wanna Do Some Snow, Man? Rich Sommer 7 Mike Lawrence Annie Hall Rich Sommer
3 Blueberry Johnson Kevin Pollak 5 Sean Sakimae The Santa Clause 2 Sean Sakimae
4 The Films of Eugene Levy Greg Proops 3 Jon Hamm Serendipity Greg Proops
5 Silent Night Scott Aukerman 9 Nick Kroll Wide Awake Scott Aukerman
6 Elf on the Shelf Riki Lindhome -2 Mike Lawrence A Night at the Roxbury Mike Lawrence
7 The Films of Bill Pullman Nick Kroll 1 Kevin Pollak Sleepless in Seattle Kevin Pollak
8 Christmas All Year Round Riki Lindhome -2 Jon Hamm Dumb and Dumber Jon Hamm
9 Rudolf the Red Nosed Nick Kroll 2 Riki Lindhome Casablanca Nick Kroll
10 The Films of Sissy Spacek Mike Phirman 8 Samm Levine Four Christmases Mike Phirman
11 Handicaprio Samm Levine 16 Riki Lindhome Born on the Fourth of July Samm Levine
12 AsparagusP Jimmy Pardo -3 Riki Lindhome Footloose Jimmy Pardo
Place Player Movies Named
1 Riki Lindhome 2
2 Jimmy Pardo 0
3 Samm Levine 1
4 Mike Phirman 0
5 Nick Kroll 1
6 Jon Hamm 0
7 Kevin Pollak 1
8 Mike Lawrence 0
9 Scott Aukerman 0
10 Greg Proops 0
11 Sean Sakimae 0
12 Rich Sommer 0
13 Graham Elwood 0

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