Live from the Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, Doug welcomes comics Kurt Braunohler, Chris Cubas, Geoff Tate and John Erler to the show. Apologies for the tech issues!

Last Man StantonEdit

Actor/Director: Dustin Hoffman

1. Rain Man
2. Tootsie
3. The Other Sister
4. Kramer vs. Kramer
5. Marathon Man
6. All the President’s Men
7. The Graduate
8. Little Big Man
9. Sleepers
10. I Heart Huckabees
11. Little Fockers
12. Outbreak
13. Stranger Than Fiction
14. Wag the Dog
15. The Runaway Jury
16. Ishtar
17. Confidence
18. Agatha
19. Midnight Cowboy
20. Sphere
21. Straight Time
22. Papillion

Doug Benson is declared the Last Man Stanton.

The Leonard Maltin GameEdit

Round Category Player Names Challenger Answer Point to
1 Streep Throat Chris Cubas 0 Kurt Braunohler The Cry in the Dark Kurt Braunohler
2 Argo John Erler 4 Geoff Tate Key Largo John Erler
3 Turner & Cooch Geoff Tate -1 Kurt Braunohler Body Heat Geoff Tate
4 Ken Jennings Geoff Tate -1 John Erler Who’s Harry Crumb? Geoff Tate
Player Points Movies Named
Geoff Tate 2 2
John Erler 1 1
Kurt Braunohler 1 0
Chris Cubas 0 0

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