Live from the NerdMelt Showroom in Los Angeles, Doug welcomes actor-comedians Sarah Burns, Kate Flannery and Megan Neuringer to the show.

Last Man StantonEdit

Actor/Director: Christopher Lloyd

1. Back to the Future
2. Addams Family Values
3. Back to the Future Part II
4. Clue
5. The Addams Family
6. Back to the Future Part III
7. The Dream Team
8. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
9. Dennis the Menace

Doug Benson is declared the Last Man Stanton.

Reverse MaltinEdit

Round Film Player Bid Challenger Named Point to
1 The Addams Family Kate Flannery 4 Megan Neuringer 4 Kate Flannery
2 The Social Network Sarah Burns 7 Megan Neuringer 6 Megan Neuringer
3 The Rocky Horror Picture Show Kate Flannery 4 Megan Neuringer 4 Kate Flannery
Player Points Movies Named
Kate Flannery 2 2
Megan Neuringer 1 0
Sarah Burns 0 0

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