The 6th Annual West Coast 12 Guests Of Christmas from the UCB Theater in Los Angeles.

The Leonard Maltin GameEdit

Round Category Player Names Challenger Answer Eliminated
1 K-9 Leonard Maltin 10 Scott Aukerman King Ralph Leonard Maltin
2 The Breakfast Club Sean Sakimae 5 Sarah Silverman Reuben, Reuben Sean Sakimae
3 War on Christmas Mark Wahlberg -2 Riki Lindhome Die Hard Riki Lindhome
4 You’re in This Rich Sommer 10 Scott Aukerman Blood Diamond Rich Sommer
5 Go Bananas Mike Phirman -2 Sarah Silverman The Grapes of Wrath Mike Phirman
6 My Scythe! Moshe Kasher -1 Samm Levine Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Samm Levine
7 Ghostbusters Jimmy Pardo 9 Scott Aukerman Donnie Darko Jimmy Pardo
8 Passenger Fifty-Slevin Michael Sheen -6 Sarah Silverman Sin City Michael Sheen
9 The Incredible Hulks Kate Micucci 12 Scott Aukerman Finding Nemo Kate Micucci
10 Rage Against Matthew Modine Scott Aukerman -1 Mark Wahlberg Married to the Mob Mark Wahlberg
11 Fool’s Rush In Roulette Sarah Silverman 0 Moshe Kasher 17 Again Moshe Kasher
12 AsparagusP Sarah Silverman -2 Scott Aukerman How the Grinch Stole Christmas Sarah Silverman
Place Player Movies Named
1 Scott Aukerman 1
2 Sarah Silverman 1
3 Moshe Kasher 1
4 Mark Wahlberg 1
5 Kate Micucci 0
6 Michael Sheen 0
7 Jimmy Pardo 0
8 Samm Levine 0
9 Mike Phirman 0
10 Rich Sommer 0
11 Riki Lindhome 0
12 Sean Sakimae 0
13 Leonard Maltin 0

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