Live from the NerdMelt Showroom in LA, Doug welcomes Rider Strong, Graham Elwood and Geoff Tate to the show.

Last Man StantonEdit

Actor/Director: Mel Gibson

1. Braveheart
2. Mad Max
3. Maverick
4. Lethal Weapon
5. Payback
6. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
7. What Women Want
8. Lethal Weapon 2
9. The Man Without a Face
10. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
11. The Singing Detective
12. Lethal Weapon 3
13. Ransom
14. Apocalypto
15. The Passion of the Christ
16. Lethal Weapon 4
17. Conspiracy Theory
18. The Beaver
19. Edge of Darkness
20. Chicken Run
21. The Year of Living Dangerously
22. Tequila Sunrise
23. The Expendables 3
24. The Bounty
25. Bird on a Wire
26. Pocahontas
27. Gallipoli
28. We Were Soldiers
29. The River
30. Tim
31. Get the Gringo
32. Machete Kills
33. Fathers’ Day

Doug Benson and Geoff Tate are declared the Last Men Stanton.

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