For his second DLM at the Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, Texas, Doug welcomes Shane Mauss, Dale Dudley, Bob Fonseca and Deb O'Keefe to the show.

The Leonard Maltin GameEdit

Round Category Player Names Challenger Answer Point to
1 Hey Friends! Deb O’Keefe 8 Dale Dudley The Bounty Hunter Dale Dudley
2 The Films of William Fichtner Shane Mauss 10 Bob Fonseca Go Bob Fonseca
3 Movies That Edgar Wright Hasn’t Seen Bob Fonseca -1 Deb O’Keefe Bad News Bears Deb O’Keefe
4 Walking Dead Bob Fonseca 9 Shane Mauss Dead Poets Society Shane Mauss
5 Movies Filmed in Austin Dale Dudley 5 Shane Mauss Boys Don’t Cry Shane Mauss
Player Points Movies Named
Shane Mauss 2 0
Dale Dudley 1 0
Deb O’Keefe 1 0
Bob Fonseca 1 0

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