This page shows the leaderboard for the game Last Man Stanton. Each round of Last Man Stanton won in an episode of Doug Loves Movies counts on the chart. If there is more than one round played in an episode, there are multiple wins. In the few instances where a draw has been declared, both players were given a win. Doug Loves Minis games are not included in the chart. All players with at least two wins are listed. There are 53 players with a single win.


Place Player Wins
1 Doug Benson 94
2 Geoff Tate 23
3 Samm Levine 6
4 Chris Cubas 4
Jacob Sirof 4
6 Mark Wahlberg 3
Big Jay Oakerson 3
Sean Cullen 3
9 Graham Elwood 2
Ngaio Bealum 2
Sean Jordan 2
Demi Adejuyigbe 2
Doogie Horner 2
Jesse Pasternack 2
Ken Jennings 2

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