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Matt Mira
Appearances 16
Record 5 – 11
Most Negative Names Unknown
TOC Bids 0
Most Recent 940
First 319

Matt Mira is a regular guest on Doug Loves Movies. He is the winner of the Super Tournament of Championships 2. He also hosts his own podcast, James Bonding.





Episode Release Date Outcome Other Winner
940 5.29.16 Lost Josh Brown
880 10.11.15 Lost Jonah Ray
801 10.15.14 Lost Haley Joel Osment
779 7.24.14 Lost Clare Kramer
767 6.1.14 Lost Rory Scovel
STOC2 5.23.14 Won
700 7.18.13 Won
657 5.28.13 Lost Graham Elwood
648 (TOC) 4.10.13 Won
636 2.18.13 Won
616 10.26.12 Lost Duncan Trussell
555 7.24.12 Lost Jimmy Thomason
MSP2 3.31.12 Lost Graham Elwood
532 3.23.12 Lost Kumail Nanjiani
433 8.24.11 Won
319 9.23.10 Lost Chris Hardwick

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