Pete Holmes
Appearances 18
Record 5 – 12
Most Negative Names Unknown
TOC Bids 0
Most Recent 914
First 428

Pete Holmes is a frequent guest on Doug Loves Movies. He hosts his own podcast, You Made It Weird.

Once the guests have been introduced and walk out onto the stage, Doug will note which guest was the first to speak without being individually introduced. This guest is said to have won the "Pete Holmes Award."





Episode Release Date Outcome Other Winner
914 2.15.16 Lost Seth Herzog
837 4.6.15 Lost DC Pierson
810 11.19.14 Won
773 6.25.14 Lost Wayne Federman
733 12.4.13 Lost Samm Levine
668 7.10.13 Lost James Ponsoldt
662 6.15.13 Won
651 4.24.13 Lost Werner Herzog
632 1.30.13 Won
619 11.15.12 Lost Paul F. Tompkins
604 8.30.12 Lost Bill Burr
550 6.22.12 n/a
539 4.27.12 Lost TJ Miller
POR2 4.15.12 Won
532 3.23.12 Lost Kumail Nanjiani
520 1.20.12 Lost Ti West
517 12.30.11 Won
428 7.22.11 Lost TJ Miller

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